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When we say "we are the processor" we actually mean Eagle is the processor not contracted with a processor and an ISO office.

As the processor we have access to so much more, including authorization detail, settlement data, and granular transactional data.  In fact, we process the back end settlement for our clients.  It is this that not only separates us from others but also gives us the ability to see more, access more, collaborate more, and create more for you and your clients.  It is Eagle's desire to be your complete transaction processor and to increase the value of your organization.

If you've ever had an idea for a solution that would revolutionize the payments landscape for an entire market but haven't had access to a partner who can help... Talk to us.

(n.) a company that handles transactions between two parties

What is a "processor?"

Cash Discount Program

Our Cash Discount Program is the most unique comprehensive and diverse solution available anywhere in the market

Front End Solutions

We are processor agnostic. Our Custom designed front end solutions provide access to ALL markets many available no where else in the market


Our reporting allows precise reconciliation for the merchant, Accountant and ISO

Customized Code

Our ability to custom code timely and cost effectively is unsurpassed

ACH Capabilities

Our ACH capabilities offer unique funding opportunities such as our MAPP program