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Pay at the Pump

Supporting EMV

A complete Retrofit for your station pumps

Seamless experiences at the pump

Don't settle for an EMV upgrade alone. Eagle's Retro Fit solution on the AMP 6500 Smart terminal isn't just an EMV card reader, it's an engine to drive self-service experiences, wrapped up in a sleek, durable, weatherproof enclosure. Easily craft any solution your customers need in our Android Smart environment and all with a single user-focused device. Effortlessly deliver the same experience in-store with our Smart EMV PIN pad and Bridge POS station.

Comprehensive software for fuel payments.

A self-service ecosystem, ready to plug-in.

Payments is just the beginning. The Eagle platform in concert with AMP hardware is designed to be flexible and responsive, making it easy to convert the pump and in-store experience to an out-of-the box Smart EMV solution. Power up more than just the pump, bringing the same Smart self-service experience to every customer interaction; from vending and car wash, to kiosks and lockers, all on the same EMV secured platform.

All-in-One Point of Sale
The Bridge
Power up your C-store with the 15" Windows Pro Bridge, made to engage both merchants and customers with its dual-facing displays. Connects directly to any peripheral, printer, 1D/2D scanner, cash drawer, USB, and much more! The Bridge makes transacting with your customer easy, safe and secure.

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Secure Weatherproof Unattended EMV
The 6500

With Eagle's Pay at the Pump and C-Store solutions you can deploy self-service POS solutions with confidence, using the AMP 6500 unattended terminal.This physically robust payment device is built to withstand the toughest service environments without having to sacrifice speed, security, or payment options.

EMV Pump Integration

Accept all payments on a single device, with the integrated tap, dip, swipe, and QR functions. Everything you need from EMV and mobile wallets like Apple Pay, to QR codes and specialty cards.
 Priced per pump up to 10 pumps.

C-Store Commander

With a complete BackOffice, manage the pumps from an in-store location, while making sales and managing shifts. Easily combine goods and fuel sales on the same bill.

EMV C-Store Integration

Elevate your c-store payment experience to an EMV compliant, Smart terminal and take secure payments beyond the pump.

Pump Control Module

The Controller interface fully manages dispensing, while controlling the pump and its functions such as: readiness, hold, authorize, begin, and stop fuelling. All seamlessly integrated with the EMV payment flow.

Smart, Flexible, Scalable

Tailor the pump experience to your customer’s exact needs, leveraging the Android Smart Platform to create delightful and intuitive flows that reduce friction and increase ticket sizes with every sale through interactive and multimedia content.

Fuel station support experience

Seamless product & payment support

Dedicated EMV & Payment Support

Our payments-specific support is comprised of a team of EMV and self-service payments experts ready to help with everything from pay-at-the-pump to configuration and cloud services. By having a dedicated team focused on payment security, you can deploy with confidence, knowing you and your customers are in good hands.

Support tailored for EMV fueling

Initial setup & ongoing Assistance

  • 24/7 Tech Support All communication leads to the same managed platform, so every call, SMS, chat, or email can be answered seamlessly by our agents.

  • Software Maintenance - Product knowledge is always available and up to date, while changes can be deployed in a snap with our shared online knowledge base.

  • Setup, Install & TrainingDeploy with confidence by leveraging our expert installation and setup service, to keep downtime to a minimum, and get customers back at the pumps.

Everything you need to get up & running

Our comprehensive fuel station support is designed to minimize downtime and boost your speed to market. From set-up and installation of the physical pumps, payment devices, and peripherals to 24/7 help desk and software maintainence, we cover every aspect of the fuel solution and integration so you can focus on running your station, not troubleshooting.

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