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Providing processing solutions to Banks, ISO’s, Agents and their merchants.

With Eagle Processing Systems, you have access to state-of-the-art technology, customized solutions to meet your market needs, with unparalleled data reporting.

Payment Processing made easy.

At Eagle Processing Systems, we're committed to simplifying your payment processing with our expertise and customized solutions, giving you more time to focus on growing your business. Eagle owning all source code from Application, Risk Management, Back end and Portal (SOAR) ensures seamless solutions and integration.

Leveraging over four decades of industry experience, our team at Eagle Processing is recognized for excellence. Trusted by a diverse range of partners, we've facilitated seamless transactions for businesses across various sectors.

Staying ahead of payment trends is crucial and information is the key.  What gets measured gets managed.

The number of payment processors is becoming more limited.  You need to differentiate your organization to continue growing in todays market, Eagle provides you this opportunity. ​

Your business may be facing but not limited to the below:

✓ Navigating Complex Payment Processes and regulations
✓ Lack of Tailored Solutions for markets or verticals
✓ Difficulty in Managing High-Risk Transactions Efficiently costing you accounts

Eagle eliminated these by ensuring compliance with regulations, offering solutions unique and custom in the industry with risk management that ensures long term processing for your high risk accounts.


Premium, reliable payment hardware solutions tailored for businesses seeking efficiency and seamless transactions in their daily operations.

Dual Pricing

Our dual pricing programs are compliant from the Point of sale thru back-end processing, statementing and payment to the merchant.  The dirty little secret in the industry is not all processors are compliant on the back end.  If you don’t know how your processor treats dual pricing on Credits and chargebacks and are still manipulating rates you need to contact us, 4.00% is not 3.864%

Eagle Rewards

The most efficient and user friendly rewards program in the industry.  Eagle uses customer credit cards to provide rewards and to offer targeted marketing and incentive programs, boosting customer engagement and retention.

Phoenix Gaming

An innovative online sweeps platform that offers you and your clients a no risk revenue opportunity. Phoenix provides marketing opportunities at no cost to drive business to your merchants.

High Risk Solutions

Eagle’s risk management system allows us to approve more accounts, manage them efficiently to ensure a long term processing solution.  If you are looking for a home Eagle and our platform has your solution. We support but are not limited to Nutra, CBD, FIrearms, Tobacco, online dating and more.

SOAR Reporting

A comprehensive reporting platform for ISOs,  agents and merchants, enabling detailed tracking of merchant activities and strategic decision-making based on real-time data. Online application entry, underwriting and boarding.  Eagles custom source code and back end allows seamless approval and boarding.


Optimize retail operations with robust payment solutions that ensure fast, secure transactions and scalable integration, enhancing customer experience and operational efficiency.  Eagle is POS agnostic and can support 95% of all terminals, POS and gateways.


Restaurant payment systems designed for fast-paced environments, supporting tableside payments, online orders, and loyalty programs to boost diner satisfaction and turnover. Solutions for white table cloth and food trucks are available as well as fast food and pizza establishments.


Comprehensive fleet solutions offering dual pricing, ag as well as standard pricing. Pay ata the pump and in store options to streamline fuel payments and enhance fleet management capabilities are available.

What We Support

At Eagle, we bring together the best partners and specialized solutions to provide our clients with the best payment processing technology that offers multiple solutions within all verticals.  


Eagle being a back end processor is POS agnostic, our clients can use any POS, terminal system gateway or e-comm they choose.  Eagle does have unique solutions with specific partners we are proud to work with.

Our Process
Step 1 - Contact Us

Reach out to discuss the transaction processing needs of your clients and explore our innovative solutions tailored for their business.

Step 2 - Establish and choose your relationship

Once you are an Eagle client you have access to custom solutions to differentiate your organization in the market.

Step 3 - Earn More Money

Leverage our cutting-edge technology and dedicated support to enhance your operational efficiency and expand your market reach.

Get in Touch

At Eagle Processing Systems, we empower agents and ISOs with the tools and support needed to exceed client expectations and drive growth. Our unique position as a processor, not just a solutions supplier, grants you access to unparalleled data and capabilities.

From advanced payment hardware to tailored in-house processing and robust reporting with SOAR, we provide comprehensive solutions that enable you to offer exceptional service and strategic insights. Partner with us to enhance your portfolio, increase client retention, and expand your business opportunities.

Contact us today to learn how our innovative solutions can transform your offerings and elevate your success.

What We Do

At Eagle Processing Systems, we are a complete backend processor.  Our custom source code is wholly owned by Eagle.  This code includes an Application underwriting boarding system, Back end merchant accounting System, Risk Management system and Bank/ISO/Agent/Merchant portal.  Nothing is outsourced at Eagle Processing reducing your costs and enhancing your data. 


Tailored for the acquiring industry, our solutions enhance transaction management and client support, boosting your operational efficiency and profitability.

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