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Cash Discount Solutions

Provided by Eagle Processing Systems

Cash Discount Solutions

How Eagle Can Help You and Your Clients

Cash Discounts have been allowed to be offered by Merchants since the passage of the Durbin amendment.  There are specific requirements and disclosures that must be adhered too to be compliant.  Many ISO's claim they are compliant, but are unsure if their processor, or back end is compliant. At Eagle Processing our program adheres to the requirements from the Point of sale to the processing, statementing and payment to the merchant to  balance their deposits.  Eagle does not manipulate the rate as others do, 4% is 4% not 3.86%.
Eagle POS partners provide a compliant receipt that works with our back end and statementing to ensure your merchants can balance and are paid correctly.  Our Statements are clear and concise and balance to the merchants deposit to their bank.    Compliance is not only the receipt but the back office and payment to the merchant, dont be fooled.

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Receipt Example

Our cash discount program provides accurate and precise 1099 reporting to the IRS saving the merchant taxes on 4% of there volume.....
Eagle also provides a precise balanced statement with no rate manipulation 4% is 4% NOT 3.864%

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