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ISO/Agent/Merchant Portal (SOAR)
Secure Online Application and Reporting

What gets measured gets managed.

SOAR (Secure Online Application and Reporting) by Eagle Processing Systems revolutionizes how ISO's, Agents, Sales Reps manage client onboarding and transaction monitoring, as well as the data provided to them and their merchants. SOAR provides you and your clients complete transparency of all data and fees.

The SOAR platform offers a streamlined application, underwriting and boarding process and provides unprecedented access to detailed portfolio and merchant data, all thanks to owning our own source code and being the processor. Deal Direct with a processor, eliminate the interfaces, added costs and lack of data.

With SOAR, you can efficiently process applications, receive timely approvals, and board clients swiftly, ensuring they can begin transaction processing without delay.

On-Line and Mobile Application and Portfolio Maintenance

Take applications on-the-go from any device—phone, laptop, or tablet. The user-friendly interface allows for on-site completion with clients, coupled with electronic signature and auto-approval system for timely responses. Eagle with SOAR provides you the ability to maintain your merchant data online, update rates, addresses thru direct access to your portfolio.

Enhanced Data Reporting and Access

As your processor, we provide deeper insights into transactional data than typical platforms. This extensive access helps you and your clients make informed, data-driven decisions to manage and grow the business effectively.  Monitor your trends to allow projections, know your merchant exposure, be able to document to your merchants any reserves, work chargebacks online, offer RDR and Ethotca and manage through SOAR.

Porfilio Maintenance

With SOAR you can update and maintain your merchant portfolio, need to change an address, rate or other information; you can do this real time thru SOAR.  SOAR allows you control over your portfolio.

Portfolio Analytics

Providing a deeper understanding of your portfolio by providing unique detailed information allows you to identify trends, address attrition and increase your revenue.  Thirteen-month historical trends, Daily Variance reports and merchant exposure are just a few of the statistics available to you.

Dual Pricing
Eagle Rewards
Phoenix Gaming
High Risk Solutions
SOAR Reporting


Get in Touch

At Eagle Processing Systems, we empower agents and ISOs with the tools and support needed to exceed client expectations and drive growth. Our unique position as a processor, not just a solutions supplier, grants you access to unparalleled data and capabilities.


From advanced payment hardware to tailored in-house processing and robust reporting with SOAR, we provide comprehensive solutions that enable you to offer exceptional service and strategic insights. Partner with us to enhance your portfolio, increase client retention, and expand your business opportunities.


Contact us today to learn how our innovative solutions can transform your offerings and elevate your success.

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