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Dual Pricing

No more rate manipulation.

Eagle Processing Systems' Dual Pricing program offers a transparent, straightforward solution for any merchant, regardless of their industry, including those with tipping processes or fleet services—a novel addition to the sector.

Our program ensures compliance from point-of-sale through to backend processing, statementing, and payments to merchants.
We maintain a clear, consistent rate—4% means exactly that, without any rate manipulation—ensuring that statements are concise and easy for merchants to reconcile.

Complete Market Solutions

Suitable for all types of merchants, including those in industries with tips and fleet services, providing a flexible solution that adapts to various business models.

Fully Compliant

From the POS through processing and payment, our dual pricing source code meets all compliance standards, ensuring that your operations run smoothly and compliant from POS to payment.

Transparent Pricing

We guarantee a straightforward fee structure without hidden fees or rate manipulations, promoting trust and clarity for both agents and merchants.

Accurate Reconciliation

Our clear and concise statements, combined with compliant receipts from Eagle POS partners, simplify the reconciliation process, ensuring merchants are paid correctly and promptly. Chargebacks and Credits are paid correctly to the merchant and not underpaid as most other processors overbill the merchant.  Eagle also balances 1099 reporting for the merchant.

Dual Pricing
Eagle Rewards
Phoenix Gaming
High Risk Solutions
SOAR Reporting


Get in Touch

At Eagle Processing Systems, we empower agents and ISOs with the tools and support needed to exceed client expectations and drive growth. Our unique position as a processor, not just a solutions supplier, grants you access to unparalleled data and capabilities.

From advanced payment hardware to tailored in-house processing and robust reporting with SOAR, we provide comprehensive solutions that enable you to offer exceptional service and strategic insights. Partner with us to enhance your portfolio, increase client retention, and expand your business opportunities.

Contact us today to learn how our innovative solutions can transform your offerings and elevate your success.

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