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Mobile Payment

Mobilize Merchant Success with Flexible Payment Solutions

Enable your merchants to capture sales on the move with Eagle Processing Systems’ mobile payment solutions. Ideal for businesses that operate outside traditional settings, our mobile systems allow payments through apps on smartphones and tablets, providing utmost convenience to customers.

This solution supports various payment methods, ensuring quick, secure transactions and fostering a seamless shopping experience. Offer your clients the ability to conduct business anytime, anywhere, thus expanding their customer base and boosting revenue opportunities.

Dual Pricing
Eagle Rewards
Phoenix Gaming
High Risk Solutions
SOAR Reporting


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At Eagle Processing Systems, we empower agents and ISOs with the tools and support needed to exceed client expectations and drive growth. Our unique position as a processor, not just a solutions supplier, grants you access to unparalleled data and capabilities.


From advanced payment hardware to tailored in-house processing and robust reporting with SOAR, we provide comprehensive solutions that enable you to offer exceptional service and strategic insights. Partner with us to enhance your portfolio, increase client retention, and expand your business opportunities.


Contact us today to learn how our innovative solutions can transform your offerings and elevate your success.

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