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What gets measured gets managed.

If you are ready for a solution to meet your and your clients needs, SOAR by Eagle Processing is here to take away the headache of applications, approvals, and wondering where the data is that you need to make decisions.

When you measure the right data, you benefit your business.


Eagle's custom source code and proprietary system for Online Applications and Reporting. SOAR makes it easy for our clients to take and enter applications anywhere on any device, receive auto-approvals and streamline the boarding process.

Take Applications Anywhere

That's right - SOAR is available for you and your team to access anywhere. The simple application can be completed with your client on site, and the auto-approval process gives you immediate good news to share! Take applications from your phone, laptop, and tablet without long delays caused by underwriting.

Streamline Your Efficiency

You're on the go - we get it. It would be best if you had a way to quickly and efficiently process applications, receive approvals, and begin to board your clients so they can process timely.

SOAR allows you to take on new clients and gives you more transaction detail and merchant information than any other platform on the market. Eagle has access to more information because we are the processor. Let us be your processor. 

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