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EagleRewards is a card-linked loyalty platform that integrates with POS terminals for brick-and-mortar and eCommerce merchants. This Loyalty as a Service® (LAAS) platform allows customers to easily enroll and pay with a credit card during their initial transaction with a merchant. All future card payments are seamlessly tracked and rewarded in real-time.

Ready to launch a loyalty program?

The idea of launching a loyalty program is daunting.


What platform will you use?

How long does it take to set up?

What will your deals/coupons be?

How will customers sign up?

How will you manage their accounts?

All of these are legitimate questions you should be considering when launching a loyalty program.

Engage customers. Improve profitability.
  • Drive Sales with Automated Customer Engagement

  • Easy to Set up and Contactless Compatible

  • Streamlined Loyalty Program Enrollment During Checkout

  • Consumers Prefer Frictionless and Instant Rewards




The easy enrollment process enables merchants to improve loyalty conversion by more than 20 times the industry average.


Personalize marketing efforts by customizing messaging and promotions based on customer spending performance and behavior.


Easily create detailed reports to access real-time analytics that you need to grow your business.

Loyalty as a Service

Merchants can easily and effectively market to their customers with our card-linked loyalty technology. Our Loyalty as a Service program makes it easier than ever to capture and market to customers based on their purchase history and spending performance, leveraging their data into targeted marketing campaigns.

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