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When a customer walks into your storefront or pays online, what is actually happening behind the scenes to make the transaction process and transfer money to the business?

Who We Serve

We provide payments processing solutions, tools, and support, for Agent’s, ISO’s, ISV’s, and other Strategic Partners.  It is our goal to provide unique solutions and programs that help our partner identify more opportunities.  Our partnerships and solutions position us to work in a wide range of portfolio’s.  We have programs for partners who specialize not only in low risk or tier one business but unique and difficult to place industries as well.  Additionally, because we are the processor and have access to more, we can offer more.  Our partners have access to unique solutions such as the only transparent Cash Discount solution in the industry, the only accurate restaurant tip adjust cash discount solutions, accurate tax cash discount reporting, access to petroleum on TSYS, and much more.

not all payment "processors" are processors... but we are!

Who We Are

& What We Do

Eagle Processing is a boutique firm that offers unique solutions to the payments and fintech space.  Not only are we are a Full Service Provider (FSP) ISO, we are also the Processor as well.

Who We Serve

& What We Offer

We provide payment processing solutions, tools, and support, for ISO’s, ISV’s, and other Strategic Partners.  It is our goal to provide unique solutions and programs that help our partners identify more opportunities.

How to Get Started

If you would like to get in touch and start becoming a partner of Eagle Processing and get access to our proprietary solutions, click here.

Become a Partner

If you're an experienced ISO or agent and are ready to start offering solutions that solve problems, we'd love to get started with you. Fill our our contact form and we will be in touch with next steps.

The Process

Our goal is the make the process of onboarding as easy as possible. Take a look at the steps to becoming a partner and get ready to deploy unique, customizable solutions.

1. Contact

Get it touch! We'll start by getting to know about you and your business.

2. Collaborate

Between our industry knowledge, solutions, and system expertise, we'll identify all the pieces of the puzzle.

3. Create 

After we have a complete understanding of what you require, we create a partner agreement.

4. Deploy

Once the agreement is completed, you'll start onboarding and gain access to our proprietary business management system and portal.

Meet Eagle

Eagle Processing has developed a unique solution within the transaction processing market. Eagle is a full service processor capable of meeting niche processing needs, while differentiating itself in the market from the large processors and offering a unique and strategic alternative.





Niche &

Specialty Markets


Fleet Cards

Wex & Voyager


  • Point of Sale Systems

  • Terminals

  • Mobile Solutions


  • Partner Portal & Dashboard

  • Risk Management System

  • Merchant Portal & Dashboard

  • Proprietary Cash Discount

  • Gateway solutions


We process the back end settlement for our clients.  It is this that not only separates us from others but also gives us the ability to see more, access more, report more, collaborate more, and create more for you and your clients.  

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