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Eagle Processing’s Smart software joins forces with AMP Smart Terminals

Eagle, a boutique processing provider announces partnership leveraging AMP EMV Smart Terminals as their primary terminal technology platform.

Bonita Springs, FL, SEAA 2021 (May 24, 2021) – Eagle Processing, Full Service Provider and processor of merchant credit card processing and solutions, announces a new technology collaboration with AMP, a global provider of EMV Smart Payment products and solutions. Eagle will be developing exclusive solutions powered by AMP’s Smart ecosystem and devices that deliver extra value and enhanced experiences to merchants and customers alike. AMP’s focus on partnership and value-added payment will allow for faster development and deployment of Eagle’s partner solutions, and open the door to more innovative and convenient solutions. This range of collaborative solutions will include but not be limited to cash discount, cash discount on tip at the terminal as well as through Phoenix processing, unique solutions on fleet card processing, and pay-at-the-pump and pay-at-the-pump with cash discount.

“This partnership is a breakthrough for Eagle & payment processing,” said Jared Ruggieri, President of Eagle Processing. “We knew we needed a hardware partner who had a shared vision of creating powerful solutions that solve pain points for business owners today. Our cash discount program is the most comprehensive and unique program in the industry and AMP’s nimble approach to Smart payments complements our proprietary software with custom, secure terminals, made this partnership an obvious choice.”

“This new collaborative effort will drive innovation not only in regards to customer experience but also the merchant relationship; opening up new pathways and opportunities for Eagle & AMP to deliver extra value in many verticals,” explained Robert Downton, VP of Sales North America at AMP, “with this partnership built on combining Smarter payment on the terminal with a more focused approach to the merchant relationship, it really lives up to our promise of Paying Well With Others”.

About Eagle Processing Eagle provides payments processing solutions, tools, and support, for Agent’s, ISO’s, ISV’s, and other Strategic Partners. It is our goal to provide unique solutions and programs that help our partner identify more opportunities. Our partnerships and solutions position us to work in a wide range of portfolio’s. We have programs for partners who specialize not only in low risk or tier one business but unique and difficult to place industries as well. Additionally, because we are the processor and have access to more, we can offer more. Our partners have access to unique solutions such as the only transparent Cash Discount

solution in the industry, the only accurate restaurant tip adjust cash discount solutions, accurate tax cash discount reporting, access to petroleum on TSYS, and much more. Learn more at

About AMP Advanced Mobile Payment Inc. (AMP) is a global provider of complete payment solutions and POS products built around usability, security, and smart integration options. Equipped with the latest certifications and able to integrate with any platform, AMP delivers tools designed to keep transactions secure and improve the payment experience. Their focus is working with partners to develop targeted solutions that deliver maximum value to the end user, aiming to empower others with their tools, rather than box them in with inflexible off- the-shelf products. From creating smart payment devices to designing entire solutions, AMP work collaboratively to solve customer’s unique payment challenges. Learn more at

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