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Not all ISO's are processors... but we are!

Eagle Processing Systems is a boutique processing firm helping ISOs, Agents, and Merchants find and deploy a payment system as unique as their business.

Payment Processing Solutions, Tools, and Support.

For Agents, ISO's, ISV's, and other Strategic Partners.


The best restaurant POS systems generally excel in their own unique areas while also leaving very few gaps in features when compared to their competition. Besides just taking payments, modern restaurant POS software helps restaurant owners manage tasks from accounting to staff management — the kind of things that can determine whether your restaurant succeeds or becomes one of the 60% of restaurants that fail within the first year of opening.

Fuel Stations

Gas station owners have unique needs for their point-of-sale (POS) systems. Gas station POS systems should be able to handle fuel pumps, retail and food items in-store, kitchen- or fresh-made items, and even car washes. Plus, a gas station POS needs to have basic POS functions such as reliable payment processing and reporting tools.


Convenience store POS systems are absolutely necessary for you to maintain a competitive advantage. You need a technology solution designed specifically for your unique retail business.  Your clients who are convenience store owners  know that their business has a very unique set of requirements when it comes to tracking, organizing, and pricing inventory.

Cash Discount

Cash Discounts have been allowed to be offered by Merchants since the passage of the Durbin amendment.  There are specific requirements and disclosures that must be adhered to.  Many ISO's claim they are compliant but are unsure if their processor is compliant. At Eagle Processing our program adheres to the requirements from the Point of sale to the processing, statementing and payment to the merchant.  Eagle does not manipulate the rate as others do.

Cash Discount with Tips

Restaurants and retail locations that sell services and accept TIPS are in a unique position in implementing a cash discount program.  Many Point Of Sale systems and back end cannot provide a solution that works and balances both the transaction and merchant payment.  Eagle has developed multiple unique and proprietary solutions that balances the transaction, and pays the merchant correctly without underpaying them or manipulation the rate to the merchant.  Our reporting is also accurate for the merchants 1099 and franchise fees.

Meet Eagle

Eagle Processing has developed a unique solution within the transaction processing market. Eagle is a full service processor capable of meeting niche processing needs, while differentiating itself in the market from the large processors and offering a unique and strategic alternative.

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Solutions We Provide

At Eagle Processing Systems, we strive to provide everything you and your clients need to be successful throughout the payment process. This includes, but is not limited to: Hardware, Reporting Software, and In-House Processing.

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In-House Processing

Eagle Processing is unique because not only do we provide you with hardware and software tools, but we also function as your processor. This allows us to create custom solutions for your unique needs.


We've developed strategic partnerships with brands like AMP, SoftPoint, ArrowPOS and more so that you and your clients can get the best hardware available.

Reporting Software

Our latest platform (SOAR) has been created so you and your clients get the most accurate data possible. This makes generating reports as easy as a few clicks.


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Get it touch! We'll start by getting to know about you and your business.


Collaborate & Create

Between our industry knowledge, solutions, and system expertise, we'll identify all the pieces of the puzzle.



Once the agreement is completed, you'll start onboarding and gain access to our proprietary business management system and portal.

How To Get Started

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