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Eagle Processing and FlatZero have paired up to provide the first advanced POS system to fully integrate the intricacies of cash discounts directly into the core of the POS software to work on the Eagle back office cash discount platform.

Eliminate Processing Fees

FlatZero POS is the FIRST advanced POS system to fully integrate the intricacies of cash discounts directly into the core of the software and directly to the Eagle Processing Platform. Cash discounts on basic standalone terminals have been around, however, FlatZero POS offers the best of both worlds, advanced POS plus cash discounts and solves the issue with TIPS on cash discount..if you don't know the issue you need to call us.

Eliminate Processing Fees

Save Time

Our software and processing power combined with the FlatZero hardware solution saves you time by eliminating the guesswork and frustration of balancing.

Save Money

Most "cash discount" solutions use round numbers and hope to be as accurate as possible and do not address the cash discount on tip causing you to overpay  see how in this video.

More Visibility

You'll always be able to run reports and see the transactions balance. We don't think it's right to hide those numbers from you or bury them in your statements.

How does it work?

FlatZero POS is an advanced platform offering your customers the incentive to pay with CASH. The non-cash adjustment covers those increasingly high costs of accepting cards.

Don't Just Survive, Thrive

The FlatZero OPS Platform Marketing System will take your sales to new heights with fully integrated, powerful, automated, and cash-generating marketing features. Your customer hasn’t changed, but the means and methods of reaching them have dramatically shifted in the last few years. If you can embrace the new marketing avenues, you can win the neighborhood battle for your customers’ minds and their appetites. More importantly, you will keep them coming back.

Meet Your Customers Where They Are, Online

It’s a fact - customers now expect the convenience of ordering food online. Right now, billions of dollars of food is ordered online. Get in the game before it’s too late. The system also integrates with your in-store orders and inventory... if you are using a system that does not and require two or three systems you need to contact us.

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