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FlatZero and Eagle Processing give ISOs and agents a powerful payment processing solution.

New York, NY (April 12, 2021) FlatZero POS powered by Eagle Processing today announced a revolutionary payment processing system offering ISOs and agents a powerful partnership that solves the problem of restaurant cash discount on tips. FlatZero POS is the cash discount variant of the premier multi-concept restaurant business management system, Arrow POS, who is recognized as a leading provider of business management systems to pizza operations.

“The new normal for virtually any restaurant operation is to offer takeout and delivery to get their food to the consumer, while also handling their in-house table, QSR and bar business. That sounds simple enough on the surface, but the mechanics are quite complex. The second dynamic killing restaurant owners is their credit card fees are skyrocketing since the pandemic has forced credit card usage to approach 95% of payments taken. Owners can’t get a break and have no idea where to turn. Oddly enough, the answer has been there all along. Think of an off-premise concept, like a pizza or a sub operation,” said Barry Brownhill, President of Arrow POS.

“We continually hear from merchants about some POS that is going to add takeout and delivery into their platforms. Good luck with that. Those other companies are just beginning to encounter even the most basic of obstacles that we cleared ages ago and after developing this type of software for over 3 decades. Their current POS systems may be fine for table service or QSR, but lack the definitive tools needed to the customer management, phone ordering, integrated online ordering, 3rd party delivery services, and enterprise management. The trick is to accomplish those mission-critical functions with a singular comprehensive technology,” Mr. Brownhill continued.

But that’s just the beginning. “Cash discounts is the new payment frontier and that has been incorporated into FlatZero. More than that, we have spent over a year of development curing the biggest barrier for restaurant cash discounts which is the handling of tips and the effects of deposits not matching a locations daily credit card POS sales reports. This issue has been conquered and required substantial co-development with Eagle Processing and Arrow POS The result is FlatZero POS,” said Jared Ruggieri, President of Eagle Processing.

FlatZero’s new solution is available immediately for select ISOs and agents to begin discussing with their restaurant clients. Eagle Processing is taking the lead and working with experienced ISOs and agents who see the clear opportunity for their clients to embrace the future of restaurant business management while enjoying losing the burden of ever-increasing credit card fees. Interested agents should reach out directly to Eagle Processing.

“We understand that as your business grows, you can’t count on cookie-cutter POS systems anymore, Flat Zero combined with Eagle Processing breaks the mold,” said Brownhill.

“Multi-concept POS with robust take-out / delivery has never been more important for a restaurant operation, and cash discounts have the biggest growth potential in the processing world. We have co-developed the ONLY comprehensive POS system that addresses both, especially as it relates to credit card tipping. There is no other system that even comes close,” said Ruggieri.

To learn more about the new partnership and to become an authorized agent go to

About Eagle Processing Systems

Eagle Processing Systems has been in business since 1994 and operates as a payment service provider nationally. Eagle currently has locations in New York, Texas, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and is expanding its footprint across the US. The company offers Agents, ISO’s, and merchants a full suite of solutions for Retail, Restaurant, Hospitality, Petroleum, E- Commerce, B2B, and other niche markets. Eagle Processing Systems is a unique Full-Service Provider that offers its back-end settlement process specializing in a disruptive proprietary cash discount program and other customized solutions.

About FlatZero

FlatZero operates as a hardware and software solution for payment processing nationwide. FlatZero currently has locations in Indiana and Ohio and its footprint continuously expands across the US thanks to strategic partnerships. The company offers Agents, ISO’s, and merchants a full suite of hardware and software for use in restaurants that need a solution for restaurant cash discounts involving tips.


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